To laugh, or not to laugh?

If it’s not one thing, it’s always something. You’d think Monday would be a busy news day. It’s not. What’s the focus today? Rudy’s constant phone calls from one of his wives whenever he gives a speech. And my laugh. That’s right, somebody cares whether Hillary Clinton laughs or not, and how much, and how … Continue Reading »

The Oakland Money Raiders

I love Oakland. There’s not much of an identifiable skyline and the Raiders have seen better days, but the people can still get excited over the politics of change. Change is what Oakland is all about. Think of Jerry Brown and Al Davis. They’re both over the hill but still capable of change in a … Continue Reading »

Yankees and Cubs in the World Series

That’s my take on baseball this year. It could happen. Hey, I’m from Chicago and the White Sox had their day already. I serve New York, so the logical pick there is where the money is. The Yankees and George Steinbrenner. What about the Mets? Won’t happen. Why? Two words. Losers. That’s one word. Sorry. … Continue Reading »

Political debates are for suckers

Damn that Tim Russert. Demons were once cherubs and I won’t be fooled by that cherub grin of his again. The debate in New Hampshire went well enough, but it’s becoming clear that George Bush and the Iraq war are not  the only targets for political finger pointing. Isn’t it clear that most of the … Continue Reading »

All in the Hollywood family gravy train

I got a call from Rob Reiner last night. He’s ready to commit Hollywood to the campaign. Says he’s met with all the candidates except Mike Gravel and Al Gore. Sometimes I wonder if having support from Hollywood is really worth it. Sure, we get plenty of money at a time when there’s never enough, … Continue Reading »

Out of the mouths of babes

I still can’t stop laughing about this even if it is old news. Barrack Obama’s kids think he’s stinky. Says who? His wife, Michelle. She told the press that her kids like to snuggle in the morning but won’t go to daddy because he’s all stinky and snores. Smart kids. In an era where Britney … Continue Reading »

Obama feels the Hillary Heat

If I could bottle this and sell it, I would. I’d make a fortune. Hillary Heat. It makes men swoon, though probably for different reasons than Chanel No.5. Summer is over, fall is here, the Democratic convention isn’t until next year, and already candidates are dropping like flies around the tale of an Arkansas razorback … Continue Reading »

Every dog has its day

I promise not to say I told you so. But I told you so. Every dog has its day. Also, politics makes strange bedfellows. Put the two together and watch what happens. Columbia President Lee Bollinger invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak to students today. It was not a fine moment for such a … Continue Reading »