Will the fat lady sing in Florida?

It’s all over but the singing. Too bad we have to wait until January for the votes to be counted in Iowa. Howard Dean met his Waterloo in Iowa, so I decided to go to Cedar Rapids instead. Barrack Obama and John Edwards both went to Waterloo. A lot of good it did them. The … Continue Reading »

Elvis loves me, this I know…

I got a call tonight from Elvis. He agreed to perform live at my birthday bash in New York. Bill set the whole thing up. The bastard lost his touch. Bill, not Elvis This modest little birthday party should tell you something about how to run a political campaign, which should tell you about how … Continue Reading »

Wrestling with pigs in politics

For a backwater little state, Arkansas governors know how to wrestle around in the mud of media without getting too dirty. Mike Huckabee was governor of Arkansas and he’s running for president. It won’t happen, but it’s always a pleasure to see Republicans wrestle around with the pigs in politics. Everybody gets dirty. Last week … Continue Reading »

What were you thinking 40 years ago?

What took you so long? That’s what I ask myself, sometimes. Budget cuts affect everyone these days, including mainstream media. It takes them forever to uncover a story, and even longer to uncover a story not worth uncovering. Back in 1969, at the tender age of 21, I wrote a senior thesis at Wellesley College. … Continue Reading »

Bill is the original comeback kid

Who can help restore America’s reputation on the world stage? Bill. Bush policies have wrecked America’s foreign policy efforts and our reputation all over the world. How can I restore the luster? Put Bill on the job. Nobody in American politics has better relations throughout the world than Bill Clinton, the original comeback kid. The … Continue Reading »

On finger pointing and corner painting

Politics is great sport. There are winners and losers, those who watch, those who participate, those who provide commentary and perspective. There’s also a crowd in politics which relishes a good old fashioned political fist fight, and a smaller number who dig into the aftermath of a campaign with an almost religious fervor. They’re Post … Continue Reading »

Voters, polls, and hair make strange bedfellows

I’m not sure what to make of the latest polls. It’s 53-percent to 30-percent, Clinton on top of Obama. It’s better on top. Obama’s numbers continue to drop and my numbers continue to rise. That’s the trend and it looks good, but we’re a year away from the election, so anything can happen, especially where … Continue Reading »

Abercrombie’s war bill is Fitched up

Congressman Neil Abercrombie is a child of the 60s and he looks awful in that beard and faux ponytail while wearing a leisure suit from the 70s. The only reason Abercrombie wears suits from the 70s on the House floor is that he’d look even more ridiculous in bell bottoms.  Hawaii’s noisiest congressperson ever just … Continue Reading »