Don’t eat the food at a political fund raiser

I’m serious. It would be difficult for fund raiser food to be more tasteless and less filling if you lived in Arkansas. Fund raisers are good for finances, bad for body, bad for taste buds, but a good place to learn to lie on your feet. Lie as in not tell the truth about what … Read More »

Believe everything you read on MySpace

I love this country. Do you know how many people read the pitches my staff puts on MySpace? These phrases are priceless. It’s my story, you know — “One of America’s foremost advocates for children and families.” Isn’t that classy? How about this one? “Helped transform schools.” It was in Arkansas, for crying out loud. … Read More »

Imagine me as the queen of family values

I called in one of my aides to help me clasp a necklace. I didn’t want to wrinkle my blouse. She did and then asked if she could read something. Smart woman. Give a little, get a little. Guess where I learned that? She starts in reading something from a magazine, obviously paraphrasing as she … Read More »

Did Larry Craig go schizo or what?

Larry Craig, a fellow senator who rags on Democrats all the live long day, preaching Idaho Family Values, has gone fully schizophrenic. I mean that in a nice way. What was he thinking? The guy can’t handle pressure, can he? He gets caught with his pants down, and I know a little something about that, … Read More »

Pages from the secret diary of Hillary Clinton

Welcome to Hillaryzilla, the site that reveals pages from the secret diary of Hillary Clinton. Every popular political figure has secret thoughts and desires, often penned to a daily journal. Hillaryzilla publishes memorable and enlightening diary entries from one of the most controversial public figures of the late 1990s, and early 21st century– Hillary Rodham … Read More »