The Wizard Nerd From Oz


There is no rest for the weary. I’m on the road for a month, partying like there’s no tomorrow in country after country, and what happens when I get back home? Another party. This one is for Australia’s new foreign minister, Bob Carr. All these Aussies sound alike, but I never forget a face or … Continue Reading »

Hillary Says, ‘Thank You, Hilary’


All I can say to Hilary Rosen is a hearty, “Thank you, Hilary.” Singlehandedly, former Democratic campaign strategist Hilary Rosen set back the Obama re-election campaign two years. How? Rosen said Mitt Romney’s wife, Anne Romney, has never worked a day in her life. That may be true, but it was the wrong thing to … Continue Reading »

Heil Obama!


I like the guy, and he beat me fair and square, but sometimes Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama are like two peas in a pod. Both have a strong command over their own party. Both gave rousing speeches that stirred the masses. And both didn’t trust even their closest advisors or generals. Obama is constantly … Continue Reading »

What I Want To Say To Saudi Arabia’s King


Travel is a bitch. Especially if the travel is to Saudi Arabia. To meet the king. This will not end well. Here’s the way it works. The Saudi’s control the flow of oil from the Mideast. They can make the price go up, and they can make it go down, just by closing or opening … Continue Reading »

Hillary Clinton vs. Joe Biden In 2016?

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

It could happen. It’s crazy, but it could happen. And it’s not the craziest idea yet. Bill wants Joe Biden to become Secretary of State and me to become Vice President on the ticket with President Obama in 2012. It could happen. It won’t, but it could. The latest woman to jump on my bandwagon … Continue Reading »



Forget 2012. Republicans are playing the Keystone Kops this year. Barring the unexpected, President Obama will win in another electoral landslide. Why? Game Change. If that’s how Republicans select their candidates, why not? After all, Democrats have won the White House every year since 1992. Yes, George W. Bush became president in 2000, but that’s … Continue Reading »

Political Pining And The Clinton Love Fest


Americans are bored. They’re ready for another change. Democrats have fallen out of love with President Obama. Republican protestant evangelicals will select either a Catholic or a Mormon as their candidate. Who does America pine over? Clintons. Hillary Worship™ is alive and well throughout the country, and they want another Clinton. Me. So, I decided … Continue Reading »

True Civil Discourse And Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Love him or hate him, Ron Paul is the Republican candidate for President who should be embraced by all God-fearing Republicans. Paul disagreed with President Obama’s apology to the Afghans over those burned Qurans. We exchanged words in public. It’s the American way. Paul, to his credit, and so far, the only Republican candidate for … Continue Reading »