Hanging by a thread is still hanging

I gained over 200,000 votes against Barack Obama’s total and still lost SuperDelegates. Those people do not deserve to be delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  I find it remarkable that the same critics and media pundits who view Obama’s so-called glide path to the nomination as worthy of discussion refuse to discuss my last … Read More »

My old Kentucky home boys

Another day, another election, another overwhelming win for me, thanks to my old Kentucky home boys. I was sitting around tonight counting my pledged delegate votes, and some how or another, Barack Obama ended up with more delegates than me. I got the most votes in the elections. He got the most delegates. How does … Read More »

Onoda did not surrender. Me neither.

I remember reading about Hiroo Onoda, that Japanese soldier who continued to fight on in the jungles of the Philippines for 30 years after WWII ended. What a great inspiration for me. There is one person on the planet who understands how I feel. I cannot surrender. I may be defeated in battle. I may … Read More »

Viral Hillary

My new campaign slogan, ‘Hillary in the House‘ is taking off big time. It’s all over the internet. One of my supporters in West Virginia said she saw it on television and thought it was great. First class lip syncing, she said. Then she asked if it was OK for me to run for President … Read More »

Nuke Iran? Why not?

Consider it a wake up call from the Warrior Queen. If Iran does anything, I repeat, anything to harm Israel, I would not hesitate to nuke them back to the Dark Ages. For Iran, that would be about 10 years ago. They haven’t advanced much. Alright, maybe nuke is a harsh word. How about massive … Read More »

It’s a game changer

All I’m saying these days is that Tuesday’s election in Indiana is a game changer. When I win that election I get to use the same phrase again in North Carolina. When I win there it’s a game changer. What’s the game? Politics as usual. Nothing really changes. You would think that voters realize that … Read More »


I like a glass of sweet wine at dinner, so I was totally aghast at how the campaign went last week in Pennsylvania. It was one thing to drop into a bar with a bunch of sweaty men in plaid shirts, and something else to chug down a glass of warm beer. It was warm … Read More »

The Final Debate? No. Bring on McCain!

Some members of the press have suggested that my most recent debate with Barack Obama will be my last. I laugh at that suggestion. What about John McCain? Do people not expect the Republican nominee for President to debate the Democratic nominee for President? That would be me, of course. Barack Obama doesn’t want to … Read More »