Hillaryzilla publishes excerpts from the pages of Hillary Clinton’s secret diary.

Excerpts of Senator Clinton’s daily diary are provided to Hillaryzilla’s editors by staffers, Washington, DC insiders, those close to the Senator’s presidential campaign, advisors with too much insecurity and not enough title, and hotel staff.

Hillary’s battle cry is, “It’s time for change.” Indeed it is. It’s time to learn what candidates for public office really think, really feel, really say.

Hillaryzilla’s mission is to reveal what’s really behind presidential candidate Clinton’s public persona. Senator Clinton is charismatic in a different way than husband Bill, the former president. People in government would do what Bill Clinton asked because they wanted to. People do what Hillary Clinton asks because she tells them to. And they listen.

For example, consider Hillary’s supporters. They line up smile, do obeisance, accept low pay, and do it when the Senator isn’t even around and with no promise of an ambassadorship.

How does she do it?