My Talk With Newt Gingrich (speed dial is a bitch)

My phone is always on and I’m usually calling or being called by someone. Bill, Barack, heads of state, celebrities, they all have my number and don’t mind using. Late Sunday night I was trying to call that Chinese blind guy, Chen Guangcheng and apparently hit the wrong photo on my phone’s speed dial.

Newt Gingrich answered.

I said, “What are you doing in China?

He said, “Answering my phone. It was ringing.”

Anyway, I apologized and told him the call was an accident. Gingrich stated asking me questions about his legacy, and how I handled getting my ass handed to me by Barack Obama back in 2008.

I knew what he was after.

Gingrich’s campaign is dead in the water and he’s out of money. Been there. Done that. So, I said, it’s all water under the bridge. What you do is simple. Go out and give a good speech. Congratulate your supporters. Start work on your legacy. That’s what I did and look at me now.

Gingrich thanked me and hung up. That was it.

Then I watch the news and Gingrich gives this half hour long, incredibly boring concession speech, and doesn’t even bother to mention Mitt Romney, the guy that clobbered him in the Republican primaries.

That’s one thing about Republicans. They are very sore losers. All of them.

Bill, Hillary, and Newt

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