The Wizard Nerd From Oz

There is no rest for the weary. I’m on the road for a month, partying like there’s no tomorrow in country after country, and what happens when I get back home?

Another party.

This one is for Australia’s new foreign minister, Bob Carr. All these Aussies sound alike, but I never forget a face or a good time. Carr ran New South Wales a couple of decades ago and took time from his busy schedule to party a few nights with Bill and me.

Carr doesn’t look like much. He’s thin and gaunt and could be a stand in for Merlin the Wizard any day of the week. Looks are deceiving. The man knows how to put on a good time, and he can drink more than anyone I’ve ever known except for Mel Gibson.

He’s not much for conversation, but I attribute that to his salty Aussie accent. I can barely understand a word he says, but they tell me it’s all English. I just nod, smile, and occasionally roll my eyes north.

Hillary Clinton and Bob Carr

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