I Say Bomb Iran First

President Obama is driving me nuts. He is such a peacenik. No spine at all. While he admonishes the Republicans to stop their loose talk of war, I’m on the war path, publicly telling Iran to get ready for the big one. It’s coming.

I slicked down my hair, grabbed the podium, and in no uncertain terms told Iran that time for diplomacy is over, the window of opportunity is closing fast, and if it’s not a bomb from us, it’ll be a bomb from the Jews.

Hillary in a Bombing Mood

What happened next?

I got a phone call from President Obama saying he has second thoughts about a military option and wants more time for a diplomatic solution.

More time? Iran has been working on the bomb for a decade. Those people running that country are not rational. They don’t understand saber rattling. They only understand martyrdom.

Let’s give ‘em all the martyrdom they can eat.

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