But I Want A City Named After Me!

It isn’t often that a politician gets an airport named in their honor. That’s what happened to Bill and me. The Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission decided to rename their airport to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

Why? Because Bill and I mean so much to Arkansas. Really? That’s what the Commission said.

It’s really strange to have an airport named after you. Even more so because I couldn’t wait to get out of Arkansas back in the early 1990s. Not many people know this, but the reason Bill ran for president in the first place was because I refused to live in Little Rock any longer.

After we left the White House we moved New York because that was a few thousand miles from Arkansas. I took the job as Secretary of State because that got me on the road all the time, and, you guessed it, away from Arkansas.

So, now we get an Arkansas airport named after us?

Why not a whole city? After all, the name of Little Rock doesn’t evoke much confidence, does it. What’s wrong with Clintonville? Or, just plain Clinton? Or, Hillarytown?

An airport is one thing, but a whole city would be a nice touch. I’ll mention that the next time I’m in Arkansas. Hmmm. My schedule says that I’ll arrive at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport just two days after the 6th Thursday of never.

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