Something wicked this way comes

Al Gore and Jimmy Carter will endorse me for President. I say that 100 times in my prayers every night. It must be working. I didn’t pray for John Edwards’ endorsement and he opted to back Barack Obama.

So, I’m pray to God that I get Al Gore and Jimmy Carter, both of whom are SuperDelegates, each of whom owes me for my tireless efforts on their behalf. If not tireless, certainly some mental consideration on what I could to as President that would make me better than Jimmy Carter, and more popular than Al Gore.

Frankly, I never understood Jimmy Carter’s popularity. His homespun demeanor didn’t do much except make him a one-term wonder. He’s more popular as an ex-President than he was when he was in the White House.

Al Gore is a totally different story. The man almost had a nervous break down after losing to Bush in 2000 and now he’s a media darling, raking in the cash from personal appearances, owns an Emmy, a Grammy, a Nobel Peace Prize, and no one says anything about his cock fighting habit. He showed the operation to Bill and me back in the 1990s. Bill took pictures. That’s why Al was so quiet during Bill’s presidency.

I’ve threatened to go public with the photos but he said he would deny it, and people would certainly believe him over me.

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