Bill Clinton wants a job

Today I found out that Bill has been sneaking around behind my back. No, it wasn’t with some big breasted young campaign intern with tight lips. That I can deal with. For that I have experience.

Bill has been talking to Barack Obama’s top officials about getting a job in his administration.

That man has so much nerve. He plays the race card right in the middle of my campaign, without asking, and behind my back he’s looking for a job with the enemy.

I’m beginning to think that what this campaign needs is a good scorched earth policy.

What could Bill do for an Obama administration that he couldn’t do for another Clinton administration? It can only mean that he’s hedging his bets on the outcome, telling me we can pull it off, gain a narrow victory, but setting himself up for an escape to extend his own legacy.

I had Terry McAuliffe send a note to Barack. It read, ‘Offer Bill a job in your administration– as an intern trainer.

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