Factoring in JFK, RFK, Dr. MLK

Publicly, it was a gaffe and I meant no disrespect. Privately, it was a shrewd move. I’m not saying that I’m playing the assassination card, but as Chris Rock explained regarding O.J. Simpson, “I understand.”

Things happen when you least expect them to happen. John Kennedy was killed by a sniper who lived in the Soviet Union. Before anyone could find out why, the assassin was killed by another assassin who died of cancer almost immediately.

So, Bill Clinton didn’t wrap up the 1992 Democratic nomination until he won the California primary, just like Robert Kennedy did back in 1968. Look what happened to him. Instant assassination by a crazy man. The same unexpected tragedy occurred to Dr. Martin Luther King. One minute you’re on top of the world and the next minute someone brings you down.

Barack Obama is on top of the world.

One does not predict the future. One must be ready to take what the future brings.


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