We talk, but not really

Yes, we are in constant communication with Senator Obama’s campaign officials. He knows what I’m doing for him is good politics. I rip into him whenever I get the chance. If he survives my attacks, he deserves the nomination for President. The exercise will make him a better candidate.

If he doesn’t survive me, then he doesn’t deserve the nomination. After all, I’ve survived whatever has been thrown at me.

Privately, reporters ask if we, Barack and me, communicate. The answer is yes and no. We don’t talk or chat with one another. That would be too personal and people might get the idea that we’re pals. We’re not. It’s a surrogate thing. My people talk to his people. So we talk. But not really.

Why should I? He rode in out of nowhere and took the nomination away from me by exploiting loopholes in the rules. Who knew that caucus elections could be manipulated in so many ways. I wasn’t even planning to campaign in states with caucus elections. Except for Iowa, of course.

If Barack Obama wins the Democratic presidential nomination and calls me on the phone to ask for advice, I’ll give him some advice.

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