Hanging by a thread is still hanging

I gained over 200,000 votes against Barack Obama’s total and still lost SuperDelegates. Those people do not deserve to be delegates to the Democratic National Convention. 

I find it remarkable that the same critics and media pundits who view Obama’s so-called glide path to the nomination as worthy of discussion refuse to discuss my last chance, last ditch effort, to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Rather, victory from the jaws of defeat. I get those two mixed up since Iowa.

The media cover everything that happens, and some pretty impossible, nearly improbably things happen in politics. Obama’s meteoric rise from obscurity. Who would have predicted that? John McCain pulled his campaign from the ashes and defeated other candidates with more campaign money. He was written off just six months ago.

Why is it so implausible that my campaign can be resurrected? Why is it so implausible that I can be waiting at the door when Obama falters, as he must. All candidates stumble. It’s only an issue of when and by how much.

Hanging by a thread is still hanging in there. Look at Indiana Jones. How often was he counted out during an adventure only to be saved at the last possible second by a smiling fate?

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