My old Kentucky home boys

Another day, another election, another overwhelming win for me, thanks to my old Kentucky home boys. I was sitting around tonight counting my pledged delegate votes, and some how or another, Barack Obama ended up with more delegates than me.

I got the most votes in the elections. He got the most delegates. How does that happen?

It’s quite easy to understand the differences between Kentucky voters and Oregon voters. People in Kentucky have limited educations, little college, poor dental hygiene, and the barest of necessities; certainly no understanding of birth control.

But they know a strong woman when they see one.

Oregon, on the other hand, is full of malcontents, mostly socialists who would choose a man of color over a white woman on principle alone. I’ve never admitted to smoking pot and Barack Obama has, so, automatically, he’s the candidate of choice in Oregon.

Thank God for white home boys, trailer parks, and moonshine.

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