Onoda did not surrender. Me neither.

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I remember reading about Hiroo Onoda, that Japanese soldier who continued to fight on in the jungles of the Philippines for 30 years after WWII ended. What a great inspiration for me. There is one person on the planet who understands how I feel.

I cannot surrender. I may be defeated in battle. I may be in debt, though not for long. I may have enemies to the left of me, and enemies to the right of me, but I will continue the battle, prolong the war, fight the fine fight to the finish.

I will not surrender.

It is not in my blood to call it quits, no matter the odds. I didn’t quit when Bill lost in Arkansas. I didn’t quit the race in 1992 when Gennifer Flowers raised he ugly head. It really is ugly. I didn’t quit when Monica Lewinsky nearly derailed a popular President. 

Hiroo Onoda didn’t quit. The clock ran out. But he didn’t surrender. Me neither.

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