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The SuperDelegates are beginning to piss me off. All this switching sides. It’s un-American. It’s disloyal. Am I the only person who pays attention to the trends in the primaries?

I prepared a little flyer for the SuperDelegates showing them what has happened in the Democratic primary elections. It’s been two seasons. Barack won the first season, because the rules were stacked in his favor. Even when I won a state in the election, I got fewer delegates than Barack.

The second season is all Hillary. I’ve won more states. I’ve won more delegates. I’ve won more of the popular vote. I did all that after all the media pundits wrote me off. I did all that while Barack Obama outspent me 3 to 1.

Barack is coasting while I’m picking up a head of steam.

Doesn’t that deserve the respect of the remaining uncommitted SuperDelegates? I think so. But, noooooo, they’re climbing on a bandwagon that’s lost momentum and can’t beat John McCain in the November election. 

They’ll be sorry they didn’t respect me.

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