So much for the ‘Comeback Kid’

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What is it with news people and political pundits? I win a primary by overwhelming numbers and all anyone talks about is when I plan to drop out of the race.

Hello? NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC! Haven’t you heard of ‘comebacks?’

Sure, things are not looking up right now. West Virginia voters are mostly white, disadvantaged, poorly educated, and, frankly, lacking in dental hygiene, but they’re my kind of people. They vote how I would vote if I were like them, and I thank the gods every night that I’m not.

I can’t even get Barack Obama’s attention anymore. All he talks about is John McCain and George W. Bush. Hello! Barack! I’m over here. I’m the Comeback Kid who’s married to the Comeback Kid. Remember us?

The Kennedy’s had Camelot. Nixon had Watergate. We had Monicagate. I wonder if people grow tired of all the baggage that politicians bring to the electoral process?

Alright. One more comeback. It starts now. Today. I’m coming back. Stronger than ever. What doesn’t kill me makes me a better President.

I’m coming back. I really am. I think I can… I think I can… I think I can.

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