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One of my favorite television shows from decades past was Archie Bunker’s ‘All in the Family.’ It was about a lovable, irascible, prejudiced, white bigot in New York. The show was a classic.

I was in Kentucky this week and mentioned to some of my supporters in a rally how politics has changed since the Archie Bunker era. Well, it turns out that people in Kentucky and West Virginia hate New Yorkers, but love Archie Bunker. They didn’t know it was a situation comedy, and could not understand when the black next door neighbor got his own television show. That would be The Jefferson’s.

I tried explaining to my supporters that the rest of the U.S. has embraced civil rights, women today have jobs, and don’t spend all their time being barefoot, pregnant, and wondering what all the fuss over dental floss means. It was to no avail. Those people are set in their ways. 

Then I found out that the only reason people in Kentucky and West Virginia plan to vote for me is because Barack Obama is half negro. Voters seem to think that if I’m elected that means that Bill goes back to the White House.

This was a strange rally. All these Hillary supporters were prancing and dancing, waving campaign signs, and yelling, ‘Put the whites back in the White House‘ over and over. 

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