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My latest ad campaign is code named ‘HillaryVirus.’ It’s viral marketing. I’m not completely sure what that means but my aides and advisors think it’s cool. When I asked them if a viral marketing campaign would help me defeat Barack Obama they all shrugged, and said, ‘meh.’

I came up with the ‘Hillary in the House’ slogan. At first, it was ‘Put a White Woman in the White House.’ I figured that would help with the voting in Kentucky and West Virginia. Voters there identify with me. White women there have cheating husbands, too.

Maggie thought we might have a problem with the media over ‘Put a White Woman in the White House’ what with me being so white and my opponent only being half white.

So, we changed the new campaign slogan to ‘Hillary in the House,’ added some hip hop jive talk to it, and started to spread it on YouTube and other places. It worked. Everyone loves it. I will win Kentucky and West Virginia and prove to the SuperDelegates that I can win the important states and Barack Obama cannot.

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