Where in the world is Barack Obama?

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I am concerned for Barack Obama. Ever since I won a decisive primary victory in Indiana, he’s been off the campaign trail, probably licking his wounds and pondering obscurity.

I understand Obama’s appeal. He’s an attractive black man, a mixture of cultures, an enticing and engaging, some say exotic, man of learning and discipline. That’s all well and good, but America’s need to know more about this man.

He’s not a closer. Obama can’t close the deal. He can’t wrap up a campaign in which he’s led from the very beginning. What does that say about the man when it comes to heat in the kitchen?

If Obama can’t beat a woman in important primary election states like California, New York, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, how will he fare against a tough Republican candidate who is afraid of me?

I have this vision of poor Barack, sitting alone in grungy hotel room in Kentucky or West Virginia, states who is likely to lose because people there don’t like his kind, and will show their displeasure by voting for me.

He must be a sad and lonely man.

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