Courting votes in Kentucky, West Virginia

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Voters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Kentucky and West Virgina are home to my kind of people.

 These are the people who need me the most, who respect my ideals of purity in government, and who can be called upon to serve.

You don’t find such loyal voters these days. I’m the only candidate reaching out and embracing such young voters. These are hard-working, disadvantaged Americans who need a strong leader.

Barack Obama claims he’s the agent for change, but how does he plan to help the disadvantaged young white males in Kentucky and West Virginia?

All we get is a ‘no comment.’

Sure, he has the American elite, the professionals, those with money, but what of the American youth who have no leader, no future, no assets, no style or sense of fashion, no understanding of history?

What of the disenfranchised who roam the hill country of Kentucky and West Virginia in search of livlihood? These are the ordinary Americans who are drawn to my campaign, who want to see American stand tall in the world again, who want to representthe future change to a pure form of politics without dissent, without harsh criticism, without feel-good politics with no substance.

Wherever I go I see these Americans who have no hope, no voice and who long for the good old days of supremacy. I am here, America. Take me. I will be your new leader.

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