The gas tax gimmick explained

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In the face of rising fuel costs, I proposed a federal Gas Tax Holiday and somehow people didn’t buy it. What’s not to like?

The proposal was simple. We have record high gasoline prices, partly because the government collects taxes on each gallon pumped.

I propose that from Memorial Day through Labor Day, that we, the federal government, do not collect the gasoline taxes, thereby saving drivers untold dozens of dollars through the peak travel months this summer.

I repeat: What is not to like?

Barack Obama, my opponent, who doesn’t even drive his own car, and who does not have a gas tax holiday plan of his own, steps up and says my plan is a gimmick, it’s pandering for votes, and lo and behold, the voters in North Carolina agreed with him. He almost convinced the voters in Indiana, too. His appeal to uneducated voters is better than I expected.

I know my new campaign slogan says Forget the Math, but we live in dire economic times. The math is easy. The average driver fills up their gasoline tank twice a month. That’s about 40 gallons. The federal tax is 18-cents on each gallon, which would be repealed during June, July and August, saving drivers over $7.00 a month. Maybe more.

Dozens of dollars would be saved before Labor Day and somehow my plan is considered a gimmick.

People will believe anything.

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