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Well, another primary election, another win, another lose, and another new campaign strategy. If I got delegate votes for launching campaign strategies I would have the nomination sewn up by now.

For now, my new campaign slogan is, “Forget The Math.” It’s like Remember the Alamo, but in reverse.

Delegates don’t count. SuperDelegates don’t count. What really counts is a new strategy, and today’s strategy is all about electoral votes. I need 270 electoral votes to win the White House from John McCain.

Yes, that’s still math, and I want everyone to Forget The Math. That’s my slogan. Underneath that slogan is a sub slogan, “Remember the swing states!” Those are the big states that I won and Senator Obama lost. California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Michigan.

Without those states John McCain cannot be President. I’ve already won those states, so I make the best hope for the Democrats to take back the White House.

But it’s not math.

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