Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

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I’m not dead. My campaign for President is not dead. Published reports are indicating the contrary and I’m doing everything I can to show my many fans supporters that I’m alive and well.

George McGovern is a no-good, communist pinkie supporter and doesn’t deserve to have SuperDelegate status in the Democratic party. He’s from South Dakota, for crying out loud. How does that make him qualified to tell voters what to do?

I’m in this race to win. Barack Obama doesn’t have it sewn up yet. We still split Indiana and North Carolina. We each got a win. How does that make him the winner and me the loser?

Talk about a double standard.

More than anything else I’m worried about money. When the press starts calling me a loser, then campaign supporters stop supporting me with the contributions. I have to pay for this campaign myself.

I have a call into Mitt Romney to see if he’d like to be Vice President.

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