Bill O’Reilly wears women’s panties

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I was warned against doing an interview on Bill O’Reilly’s television show. He is so anti-Democratic, so hostile, so anti-Clinton. Everyone asked me what I hoped to gain.

Ha. What they didn’t know. 

O’Reilly was civil, courteous, agreed to disagree, and the whole show was without incident and a smash ratings success. Why?

Just before the cameras were turned on I leaned over and whispered to Bill, ‘Listen you sleeze bag, piss-poor excuse for a voter, I have photos that show you wearing women’s panties. White cotton from Jockey, to be precise, size 8. If you give me a difficult time today, I’ll whip those photos out faster than you can say pantyhose, and have them published on the internet before your show goes off the air. For the last time. Do we have a deal?

O’Reilly sat back in his chair, gulped, looked me right in the eye, and said, ‘Yes Ma-am.”

The rest is history. We had a good time. Now I can come on his show any time I want. It’s all in the power of persuasion.

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