The paradox of a split decision

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Our internal polls show I should take Indiana this week, but will lose North Carolina. That’s a split decision. There’s good and bad in winning one and losing the other.

The good: I’ll be able to keep my campaign going but it’s going to cost money.

The bad: I’ll be able to keep my campaign going but I won’t have any more money.

I call that the conundrum paradox. Damned if you don’t, and damned if you do.

Barack and I have both inched toward the center for setting expectations. He know he’ll win North Carolina but says it’s going to be close. I know I’ll win in Indiana (lots of white people there) but it’s going to be close. We’ll both end up losing by a mile in one state or the other, just as we expect.

Overall, each primary election now means status quo. Voters are already in a groove and getting the unseated and moving away from a candidate is almost impossible.

Unless Bill says something stupid again.

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