Nuke Iran? Why not?

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Consider it a wake up call from the Warrior Queen. If Iran does anything, I repeat, anything to harm Israel, I would not hesitate to nuke them back to the Dark Ages. For Iran, that would be about 10 years ago. They haven’t advanced much.

Alright, maybe nuke is a harsh word. How about massive retaliation? That works. Poor warmonger George Bush and his evil warring twin, John McCain won’t be able to figure this one out. I’m against the war in Iraq but voted for it. I want to bring troops home from Iraq but I’m ready to nuke retaliate against Iran. Keep ‘em guessing

Come to think of it, even massive retaliation has a certain wimpyness to it, totally unbefitting a Warrior Queen. How about totally obliterate?

I like that.

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