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One thing I love to do to people in the media is play chameleon and constantly re-invent myself. They eat it up, thinking all the while that I’m connecting with people, showing the real me. If anyone is doing a count I’m up to the seventh ‘real me’ since the Iowa caucuses. 

The latest series of television ads, the greatest political reinvention tool ever created, shows me as ‘working class‘. When I told Bill I was running a bunch of television ads which depict me as working class he spit up his drink laughing so hard.

I grew up in Chicago. My parents were wealthy. I went to a rich white girls school. What do I know about working class anything? But a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video of me highlighting my Midwestern working class roots, born of blue collar, working hard for the money is just priceless.

This week I’m on television telling all the voters in Indiana that I’m just a neighborhood home town girl from Chicago, right next door to them, a working girl who embraces hard work and opportunity.

They eat this stuff up.

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