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It dawned on me that I’m suddenly getting political support from the strangest places. It isn’t money, it’s kudos from the unlikeliest sources.

Who supports Hillary Clinton these days?

Rush Limbaugh, that’s who. Rush and Pat Buchanan. Limbaugh started to encourage people to vote for me back in the Texas and Ohio primaries. Maybe that’s why I won. Pat Buchanan, who thinks John McCain is a closet liberal, lobs grenades at Barack Obama every night on television. That means he supports me, right? What else could it mean?

Then there’s Karl Rove, kingpin of the Bush legacy and all that is wrong with America these days. He says that Democrats should count both the Michigan and Florida primary results based on the voter tally. I won Florida and those votes would help me win the nomination.

Why have all these died-in-the-wool anti-Clintonites suddenly come out in favor of me?

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