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If Barack Obama and his supporters can play the African-American race card, then I can play the gender card. If Barack Obama can speak about race in American, then I can play the gender card and give a major speech about gender inequality.

Except for one thing. I don’t know what to say. 

Those pant suits should tell people something. Bill’s excursions into the arms of other women should tell people something. Unfortunately, the voters are not good at catching on to the obvious. 

In the Clinton family, I wear the pants. I act like a man. I think like a Man. I’m tough like a man. Playing the so-called gender card is not an easy task for me.

The recent election in Pennsylvania should tell another story. 60-percent of the voters were women, and I won that vote over Barack Obama, 56-percent to 44-percent.

Women voters want a strong, man-like leader in the White House. That’s why they’re voting for me. So, how can I play the gender card?

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