Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs

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Pennsylvania was about jobs. Indiana is about jobs. As the country sinks deeper into a Bush-instigated depression, the old mantra comes back in view– it’s the economy, stupid.

American’s should rejoice that there is no longer a Bush running for President.

All those states which have poor economic prospects are states that will vote for me because they believe that I am best qualified to bring jobs back. California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania. When the economy goes south, those states hurt.

I feel their pain.

I feel their pain because I honestly don’t have a clue what I should do about the economy once I take office. Sure, I can handle Iraq and Afghanistan. Sure, I can mend fences with our European friends, our South American neighbors, and our Asian financiers.

But the economy? Who knows how this stuff works? Any technique that will create more jobs is fine with me. I’m afraid some of those people won’t like the jobs they will get.

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