Larry King really is alive

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Honestly, I thought Larry King died sometime last year. Someone died. I know because I went to the funeral. I thought it was Larry King.

Anyway, Maggie set me up for an interview on Larry King Live. I figured there would be a guest host handling the interview, just so CNN could play re-runs of Larry’s old interviews. Nope, it was Larry himself.

Somewhere in Las Vegas is a wax museum with Larry King and other celebrities. The real Larry King doesn’t look as good as the waxed Larry King.

The interview was a good chance for me to explain my policies and compare and contrast my candidacy for President with Barack Obama. 

Larry King just sat there and asked questions. He doesn’t make up the questions. His staff kept sliding a sheet of questions in front of him during each commercial break. Then he would sit there asking the questions like he was thinking. It was like answering questions from a wax man.

Larry King is alive, but not by much.

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