The ‘Gas Tax’ Holiday

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John McCain isn’t too bad for an old man. His latest proposal is for a ‘Gas Tax’ Holiday. Democrats would call it a moratorium on federal gasoline taxes, but McCain uses the word ‘holiday.’ I love it.

Now, if John could just figure out a way to pay for the holiday he proposes. If I’m not mistaken, Americans have the lowest gasoline price, by far, of any industrial or civilized nation.


Because our gasoline taxes are so low. So what does the fiscally conservative candidate for President want to do? Cut taxes.

Then McCain goes and blasts away at Barack Obama with a great line, ‘All these tax increases are the fine print under the slogan of hope.’ What a great line. How does McCain figure the government will pay its bills with a popular gasoline tax cut that further reduces government revenue.

Sure, the country will be fine with Mr. Magoo as President.

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