‘Pinned down by sniper fire!’

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I’m convinced that Americans don’t mind a little white lie from time to time. Hell, they don’t even mind some whoppers, especially from politicians. We heard some whoppers from Bill in the White House and he was the most popular President ever. Go figure.

So last night I’m on The Tonight Show with David Letterman… or, was it Jay Leno? I forget. Anyway, I told Jay, yes, it was Jay Leno. I told Jay, “You know, I was worried I wasn’t going to make it tonight. I was pinned down by sniper fire!

Then I just smiled and let the laughs and applause begin. What a great country. A politician can lie like hell but if people like you, or sympathize with you, they don’t mind. They really don’t.

I think that’s because most people lie. They lie to their spouses, to their children, to customers, to the boss, whatever. We’re a country of liars. Why should I be any different? Maybe that’s why I went into public service.

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