Show me the money. Please?

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I raised $20-million in March, the most ever. We were celebrating and drinking champaign. Then we heard that Barack Obama raised over $40-million in March.

Where is that money coming from? My campaign was in the hole by almost $9-million last quarter, and I loaned the campaign $5-million, and added another $20-million and it still isn’t enough.

Where do black African-American people get that kind of money?

I’m so glad we only have a few more states to go before the convention. I may not be able to afford to celebrate in Pennsylvania. Mark Penn told reporters that we’re being outspent 4 to 1, and 5 to 1 in some primary elections, especially those I won, such as Ohio and Texas. It makes me look efficient, frugal, commanding, and able to squeeze five dollars from a $2-dollar bill.

Barack Obama looks like a spendthrift.

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