It’s all about the ‘brand’

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Americans are exposed to more product brands than anyone else in the world. A brand means something. Lexus vs. Kia. Luxury is a word vs. cheap in a word. Apple has one of the top brands in the world. I sure wish I could afford a Mac.

Politics is about branding, too. I’ve spent over $100-million to brand myself as ‘experienced’ and ready to take office and run the country. I also spend money to brand John McCain as old. It works.

The latest brand is Barack Obama. His brand is change. I’m spending money to brand Obama as ‘unelectable.’ What else can I do? The Democratic SuperDelegates will decide which of us will be nominated to run against John McCain. Obama is ahead in delegates, and ahead in the popular vote, and ahead in the number of states won in the primary elections.

The only thing left is branding. To me, Obama is unelectable, which, for him, is not a good brand to have. Obama did not win any of the larger states, or the typically Republican stronghold states, such as Florida and Ohio. So, logically, if he cannot beat me in those states, then he certainly cannot defeat John McCain.

So, the new brand for Barack Obama is that he is ‘unelectable.’ We’re printing up tens of thousands of bumper stickers that say, “Obama ‘08 – Unelectable.” I like it.

One Response to “It’s all about the ‘brand’”

  1. Michael Rosenthal Says:

    Republicans will be snapping up those bumper stickers for the Fall campaign. I’ll bet Hillary isn’t very good at chess, either.

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