Saturday Night Live Redux

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I just finished watching Saturday Night Live. Again. It was a repeat of a few weeks ago when I was host. Well, not really host host, but I was the star attraction, along with that cute little girl from the movie Juno.

SNL really came through for me this year. Win or lose, I want to host the show some day. Maggie put the word out to Lorne Michaels to schedule me for a show right before the election. Bill did his little Blues Brothers saxophone routine back in 1992 and America loved him for it.

There’s something about a man in black blowing his horn. Other than a little piano, I never learned to play a musical instrument.

There’s danger when a politician performs in public for the public, especially a live show, but it’s something we deal with regularly. The country loves to put politicians on a pedestal and wait for us to fall off. Saturday Night Live is not Meet The Press. I can say things on SNL that would get me in trouble if I said them to Tim Russert.

When I host the show again I want to do a skit where I skewer Russert with a hundred little fondue forks.

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