‘Relax… the game’s not over’

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It’s the fourth quarter. It’s a close game. Anything can happen. Why should I drop out now? That’s what I told supporters in Indiana. Bill went to Pennyslvania and said basically the same thing.

The game is not over.

Granted, it’s a long shot, but strange things happen in politics. Look at former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. One moment the man is riding high and mighty by bringing down the high and might, and the next moment his wife has him and his belongings on the side walk in front of the Governor’s mansion.

Things happen.

The people of Indiana will believe almost anything and they love come-from-behind stories. Hoosier is just another way to say ‘loser from the Midwest.’ Indiana is something of a little Ohio but without the flare and sophistication. That alone says something about Indiana.

I prefer to campaign in states that have a lot of problems and the people are smart enough to know they have problems but not smart enough to do anything about it.

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