Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

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I’m more than a little worried about the recent poll results. John McCain is surging ahead of me and Barack Obama. How could this happen?

Bill says I peaked too early, probably sometime back in November or December. He says Barack has peaked, too, but McCain has not. Politics is full of ups and downs, changing currents and storm clouds, so the next few months may tell a different story, but for now I’m worried.

The Bush administration may go down in history as the worst ever. There’s a trillion dollar deficit, an unpopular war with rising casualties, scandal after scandal, and an economy entering a recession. That’s a perfect storm for almost any Democrat to roll into the White House with a victory.

Add to that the Republican nominee, a grizzled old white man who carries all the charm of Elmer Fudd, Mister Magoo, and Dwight Eisenhower, and somehow he leads in the national polls.

How could this happen? What did we do wrong?

Al Gore told me he had refused to make a pact with the Devil back in 2000 when he rain against Bush. I thought he was joking. Now it looks as if the Devil made a pact with the Republicans. Everything has gone wrong and they still control the government.

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