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Alright, so I embellished the facts a little. I’m a politician. It’s what we do. The YouTube generation will be the death of politicians as we know them today.

For the past year I’ve been telling people everywhere that helped broker peace in the Balkans, flew into an airfield which was under sniper fire, and had to run from the plane to waiting guards. What a great story. Campaign rallies all over the country listened spellbound to my story of politicking for peace as if it came from a spy novel.

Well, it did. I don’t remember which novel, but that’s not important. What is important is actual YouTube video of me in Bosnia smiling and strolling from the airplane to waiting cars, sans sniper fire, sans any sense of urgency whatsoever.

What can I say?

I’ve always believed that there are times when it is important to embellish on the facts because the resulting story has more import than truth. The opposite is also beneficial to a politician, whereby the facts, whatever they may be, are harmful, so the reverse of embellishment is applied.

People need to ask themselves a question. Do they want a commander-in-chief who bores people to death with the mundane moments of life, or one who can polish up a story and make it presentable for the masses to enjoy and cherish?

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