What did Rudy do with the money?

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Barack Obama and I have raised more campaign money than any presidential candidates in history. Out in Pennsylvania, Obama brought in over $350,000 in February, almost twice what I brought in, which was still far less than Rudy Giuliani brought in, and he’s out of the race entirely.

Mark Penn was posting the numbers on a big white board in our campaign war room, and said, “How does Barack do it?

I said, “The real question isn’t about Barack Obama, people. He’s a fad. A flash in the pan. People blow their money all the time on dreams. It happens. Get over it.

The real question is, ‘What did Rudy do with all his campaign contributions?‘”

Where is 60 Minutes when you really need them? Rudy Giuliani raised tens of millions in campaign contributions for a campaign that nobody ever saw. Did anyone ever see a television commercial? Did he run a newspaper ad? He didn’t really campaign anywhere except Florida and Ron Paul got more votes.

What did Rudy do with all the money?

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