New campaign slogan: “Barack Obama: Slacker.”

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One of our operatives in the Obama campaign let us know that Barack is taking a few days off this week. The slacker. Tens of thousands of people in Pennsylvania and other states are losing their homes to foreclosures and Obama takes a vacation.

I told Harold Ickes, “Icky, I want a new campaign slogan this week. Make it, ‘Barack Obama: Slacker.” Icky said, “Hillary, that’s about Obama, not you. Most candidates have a slogan about themselves, not their opponents.

Fair enough, I thought. “OK, how about this one? ‘Hillary Clinton. Not A Slacker Like Barack Obama.’ Better, right?

There’ll be questions,” he said. That’s what I want. Questions. People will ask me what I’m talking about and I’ll tell them that I’m on the campaign trail showing people I care. I have a plan to ease the housing crunch. And all Barack Obama can do is lounge around and take time off while people suffer. Voters need to ask themselves, ‘Who do you want running the White House? A bitch who gets things done, or a slow moving black man who slacks off all the time?

This slogan will catch on.

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