In Pennsylvania, it’s the stupid economy, stupid.

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Maggie walked in to my office today and told me to shut up. Just like that. No warning. No provocation. Just, “Hillary, shut up.”

I said, “Maggie, did I insult you in some way? If so, I apologize for how you feel. I know that being a black woman, uh, um, an African-American woman of girth, can cause emotional turmoil, but you know I’m here for you.”

Besides Bill, I’m the only one who can suck up to Maggie. Everyone else on the staff just cowers and slinks away when she gives them ‘that look.’

No, Mrs. Clinton,” Maggie responded, furrowing her eyebrows down as if I’m about to get ‘that look’ but without actually closing her eyes together, “Just plain shut up. Stop ragging on Barack Obama. People don’t like it.”

I knew she had an agenda and I knew I had to listen. “Alright, Maggie. What do you suggest?

Bill is right,” she said. “It’s the stupid economy. The last big effort of this campaign needs to focus on the economy, particularly the economy in Pennsylvania. Nothing else. If you win big there and pick up a couple of more states….

I grinned. We all know that Bill thinks the economy is the top issue for the rest of the year. Everyone already hates the war. They know I hate Barack Obama. What’s left? The economy. Maggie is right. She’s always right.

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