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Timing is everything. Unfortunately, there’s good timing and bad timing. Geraldine Ferraro played what may well be our last race card the other day, and days later I had to face a bunch of African-American newspaper publishers and ask them for support.

Life is full of little ironies like that.

Well, before I could face what might have turned out to be a bunch of angry black men who buy ink by the barrel, I called Geraldine and told her it would be best for her to step aside. Sure, she was right. But the country just isn’t ready to debate the nuances of truth.

So, in true Clintonian fashion, I apologized. Of course, it wasn’t a real apology for what Geraldine said, because what she said was really true, and it’s hard to apologize for the truth. I proceeded to apologize for offending anyone, which is true. Apologies need to be explicit, and they need to be targeted, and since I was speaking in front of African-American newspaper publishers, I added, and “I apologize and I am embarrassed that our federcal government so mistreated our citizens.” The reference to victims of Hurricane Katrina was Bill’s idea. He said they’ll lap it up. They did.

And just like that they accepted my well crafted apology and all was forgiven. Is it any wonder that newspapers are dinosaurs?

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