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I love it when African-American men stand up for what is right and good and decent in this country. That’s why Michael Nutter, Philadelphia’s courageous new mayor, has a “Hillary” sticker on his car. He’s a really ‘Penn Pal.’

Michael is also something of a character and a gifted conversationalist, if not a little out of touch with reality. True, he thinks I have the best chance to win against John McCain in the November general election, but his math is faulty. Or, his ego overshadows Pennsylvania’s prominence in the elections. I don’t know how he plans to do it, but Michael thinks he can give me Philadelphia’s large African-American vote.

His math doesn’t work for me. So far, over 80-percent of all African-American’s have voted for Barack Obama, and less than 20-percent for me.

Michael says, “This notion that somehow there is a monolithic black vote is just a myth.” Maybe yes, maybe no, but so far they’ve voted as rather solid block of voters. Against me.

It’s probably a good thing that most blacks aren’t Catholic.

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