‘The Path to the Presidency.’

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Someone gave me a copy of a memo called, ‘The Path to the Presidency.’ I don’t know who wrote it. Nobody on the staff will say. It’s not Maggie Williams because she won’t put anything down on paper. Maybe it was Mark Penn but the memo doesn’t have any spelling errors.

I figure it was Terry McAuliffe, but he’s denying it was his work.

So, I dig though this little document to see exactly how I’m supposed to defeat Barack Obama’s lead in delegates and win the White House. Well, it turns out that the memo doesn’t really say ‘how.’

It offers some arguments about why I’m qualified, why I should be the one to run against John McCain, and so on, but certainly no ‘how to‘ anywhere. From what I can tell, it’s a waste of good paper, but we leaked it to the press anyway. They’ll print anything if they think it’s been leaked.

One thing is clear about whoever wrote this piece, they’re an insider. They know how I think. They know what I feel. They know¬† my campaign to smear Barack Obama is working. No, it won’t get me the delegates to be nominated outright. Obama has more delegates and that’s not likely to change.

The key is the SuperDelegates. They will decide the election. If I can get them to think Obama would lose in the general election against McCain, they’ll pick me instead. That’s what the memo should say. That’s the path to the Presidency.

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