Now I’m “a monster?”

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You would think people would warm up to me after all I’ve been through. I have a great smile. My hair is perfect. I look good in pantsuits. I don’t stutter or drool.

Who is Samantha Power and why does she think I’m “a monster?” I’ve been parodied on Saturday Night Live. I’ve been on Saturday Night Live. People in Texas, California, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida love me. I’m still here. But “a monster?

Samantha who? She is one of Barack Obama’s most trusted and influential and articulate advisors, says so. She said, “She is a monster, too… she is stooping to anything… people just look at her and think ‘Ergh.‘” So much for being articulate.

The woman absolutely positively is a bitch.

Mark Penn cried Havoc! and unleashed the dogs of war and no less than a dozen of my underling lemmings chastised Barack Obama as being unqualified to be President because he can’t control his aides and advisors. If you can’t control the people close to you, then you won’t make a good President.

That’s what I always say.

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