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Maggie called me early this morning with the news. We gained a dozen or so delegates by winning Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island but spent $25-million to do it. She also said we lost about a dozen SuperDelegates who switched over to Barack Obama.

Only Mitt Romney spent more of his own money to buy delegates.

This whole primary campaign against Barack has turned out to be something of a pickle for the Democratic Party. It may very well be that both Barack and I head in to the convention this summer with about the same number of pledged delegates but not enough for either one of us to claim the nomination.

Some SuperDelegates have pledged for me, others for Barack, which leaves a few hundred more SuperDelegates that are unpledged, uncounted, and who won’t answer the phone. I know why.

Every day the ante goes up. They’ll want the sun and the moon and the stars for their votes. On a whole, delegates in the Democratic primary are cheap at about $35,000 each. Total campaign money spent divided by the total number of delegates.

The last 300 are likely to be much more expensive.

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